Step Into Power

This birth immersion series is designed for passionate, innovative midwives, birth workers, doulas, birth assistants and self-assisted birthers who want to discover the art of birth alchemy. Participants will discover a deeper relationship to their work, and evolve their capacity to hold space.

The course provides practical skills for the birther and birth worker who want to step into power with confidence and deepen their trust in themselves and the birthing experience.

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Seven Weeks to Deepen Your Connection

The mother always knows what is in their best interest for their body and growing baby.  Our approach assists the wombmyn’s process and desire to be supported by a holistic birthing posse, which includes knowing when to intervene when necessary

Seven Weeks to Enhance Your Intuition

Explore ways to empower yourself and clients from within, how we affect each other and how the system affects us all. As you learn more diagnostic techniques, improve your confidence to meet any situation.

Seven Weeks to Grow Your Capability

How to set up ideal birth assistance, tracking negative patterns and turning them around, demystifying clinical prenatal care, developing a weekly restoration process, map your own symptoms, track your health on your face and tongue, 

Terri and DeAnna describe the importance of timing along the journey


DeAnna and Terri encourage heart & head-based birth

Progress At Your Own Pace

The 2022 course is entirely online, so you can join in wherever you happen to be!

The first lesson is ready for you July 16, 2022. Get started with the material and prepare your questions for the first live Zoom class. Each week a new lesson is available to review at your own pace.

Live Zoom classes will be held 10am to 1pm PST July 16, 23, 30 and August 6,13, 20, 20, 27.

Each class will be recorded and made available afterward.

"Terri, we are so grateful you were such an integral part of this incredible journey in our lives. Not only were you such a  positive presence during Willa’s birth, but you were able to help us strengthen and find more meaning with each other as partners and now as parents. In the beginning, a home birth was important to us mostly due to our strong aversion to birthing in a hospital—we had no idea how special and rewarding it would be to bring our child into the world our own way. Thank you for helping the three of us find our way.”

Jen and Greg

"DeAnna, thank you for all the love you give and the space you have provided to feel the safety for transformation to happen. Thank you for passing on the incredible, life changing wisdom and encouraging your students to embody it. Thank you for your honesty, you trust, your openness to share and speak your truth. You have changed my life. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you from truly seeing me. I am so blessed to have you in my life. With great gratitude my heart is filled and my head bows with respect.”


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