Ayurveda Clinical Foundations


Healthcare tools to listen, thrive and take action for balance


September 2024 - February 2025


Become a Health Detective

  • Experiential & interactive learning

  • Emphasis on user-friendly tracking & charts

  • Wholistic health practices for every individual

  • Easy integration into any service-oriented practice.

  • Ayurvedic elemental wisdom, including the dying art of pulse assessment 

Who does this class serve?

Your SELF and your loved one's health.


Elemental Toolbox for:
Herbalists, Midwives, Massage Therapists, Doctors, Physical Therapist, anyone who is interfacing with clients and wants symptom tracking tools and natural remedy solutions.


Practice with Clients

Apply your newfound knowledge and skills with real clients in DeAnna's By-Donation Clinics. Students are required to complete 12 volunteer clinics to receive their certificate of completion. 

The Dates: 7 - 3 Day Weekends

  • September 29 - Oct. 1
  • October 20 - 22
  • November 10 - 12
  • December 1 - 3
  • January 12 - 14
  • February 2 - 4 & 23 - 25

10 am - 5 pm Friday & Saturday

11 am - 6 pm Sunday

Lunch Break 1-2 pm

4 Part Learning:

In-Person Weekend Classes
Understand. Assess. Track. Remedy.

1. Understand Anatomy & Body Functions, as an empowerment tool

  • Chakras, glands, hormones, organs & the 7 tissues of the body
  • How they all work together as an eco-system, our inner environment.

2. Assessment Tools: What we feel & see, holds the keys

  • Pulse, Tongue, Face, Skin layers, Bones, Nerves & Reproductive
  • Gunas-The qualities of all things

3. Tracking Symptomology: what is your body trying to tell you? 

  • Mapping cold, dry, hot, wet and dynamic combinations
  • Symptoms lists per element, dosha, organ, glands and tissues

4. Elementally Designed Remedies: The Plant Kingdom

  • Elemental charts and guidance per section
  • What application of plant medicine is best for what situation?
  • Cordials, tinctures, oils, salt scrubs, capsules, essential oils, teas, hydrosols and more

Free Gifts When You Take The Course

As a part of the Ayurvedic Foundations Course, you also get access to:  

3 FREE Webinars

Eye Care, Dental Care and Weekly Restoration 

Hosted at Soft Medicine Sanctuary

(formerly the dhyana Center) 

Soft Medicine is a community hub hosting weekly dance, yoga, movement classes, and community events. Enjoy the spacious lounge to relax and study, eat some nourishing food during your lunch break, and maybe even sip on an enticing herbal elixir after class.

Students get 1 FREE tea each weekend of class!

Relax After Class

Bliss Organic Day Spa is continuing DeAnna's legacy by providing a space to heal, relax, and find balance. Equipped with a steam room, sauna, cold plunge, and personal bath tubs. Relax and unwind after class in this blissful bathhouse.


Students enjoy 1 FREE Bliss Bathhouse pass to each weekend of class!

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Scholarships will be given priority to BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, Single mothers, and those in addiction recovery. 

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