Understand The Body

DeAnna Batdorff's Clinical Foundations course teaches you to become a health detective in seven weekends, in the heart of wine country.

Explore the Four Tiers of Exceptional Health in This Dynamic Course!






About this course:

  • Elementally Designed for All 
  • Experiential & Interactive Learning
  • Emphasis on User-Friendly Tracking & Charts
  • Come as You Are-Individuality Encouraged
  • Be your own Health Detective
  • Easy Integration into any service-oriented practice.
  • Wholistic Health Practices- “Connecting the dots of our wholeness”
  • Elemental Foundations – Who we are Matters
  • The brilliance of the Ayurvedic Science of Life

4 Part Learning:

In-Person Weekend Classes
Understand. Assess. Track. Remedy.

1.Understand Anatomy & Body Functions, as an empowerment tool

  • Chakras, glands, hormones, organs & the 7 tissues of the body
  • How they all work together as an eco-system, our inner environment.

2.Assessment Tools:  What we feel & see, holds the keys

  • Pulse, Tongue, Face, Skin layers, Bones, Nerves & Reproductive
  • Gunas-The qualities of all things

3.Tracking Symptomology: what is your body trying to tell you? 

  • Mapping cold, dry, hot, wet and dynamic combinations
  • Symptoms lists per element, dosha, organ, glands and tissues

4. Elementally Designed Remedies: The Plant Kingdom

  • Elemental charts and guidance per section
  • What application of plant medicine is best for what situation?
  • Cordials, tinctures, oils, salt scrubs, capsules, essential oils, teas, hydrosols and more

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