Are you ready to become your own health detective in just 7 weeks?


This 7-week course beginsĀ again in 2024

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This course is offered in person (San Anselmo) and online.

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Learn Real Self Care Techniques

DeAnna Batdorff has more than 30 years' experience teaching all types of people how to understand and care for their body—individually! One size does not fit all!

Solutions that Are Right For All Situations

You'll learn multiple diagnostic techniques and then the essential oils, herbs, and spices to match your goals.


DeAnna Supports Your Wellness Journey

You will join a loving community of people of all experiences and dreams, united by their aim to claim their right to a state of balance that feels like home.

"I never really believed I would ever find something that I could be passionate about, that I would not only feed my own soul but allow me to share with others in a way that isn’t just giving myself away ... I feel more alive and in my body and confident in my person today than I think I ever have and that alone is the biggest gift I could ever have hoped to receive. Thank you for providing such a sacred, safe place ...Thank you for guiding me and supporting me and encouraging me through this process. I just feel so blessed to have you in my life and to be able to call you my teacher. "


"This course saved my life ... I don't say that lightly. I started it sick, broken, lost, and ready to die, and came out excited, and grateful to be alive. I turned 22 during one of our last days in class, and wept tears of gratitude because it was the first birthday since turning 13 where I was okay with still being here. I want to be alive, I want to heal, and I want to help others heal. You should take this course because it will profoundly shift your experience as a person, and a healer, if you let it."


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