Pay it Forward

Sponsorship Program for MyBody Mapping Series

What is 'Pay-it-Forward'?

We believe everyone has the right to track their well-being. 

Pay-it-Forward is a MyBody Education sponsorship program created to increase access to this vital self-empowering education for marginalized students around the world. 

Students who receive a sponsorship will have access the MyBody Mapping course and the ability to take the course with a group of up to 10 other people in their community. 

Our hope is to spread the wealth of our community and plant seeds of elemental wisdom to empower people all over the world to claim their right to self-care as healthcare. 

If you feel inspired by what you've learned from DeAnna and you want to share that gift with others, please donate. We invite sponsors to donate any amount to a group of students who will be working collectively to claim their right to a state of balance and come home to themselves. 

MyBody Mapping Series

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Who Can Apply for the Sponsorship?

You can apply as a group of up to 10 students. A group can consist of family, friends, coworkers, moms, dads and more. This scholarship is for marginalized people who do not have the funds to pay for MyBody Mapping. We highly encourage people to apply as a group, not only to increase educational access but also to create a community of support for your health journey. 

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