Ayurvedic Clinical Foundations in Portugal

A Learning Retreat

Learn how to care for your self and others.
24 Days to Relax & Gain Knowledge


Sept. 28-October 22, 2022

taught by DeAnna Batdorff


Accomodations at Casas da Azenha

in Lamego, Northern Portugal.

Rejuvenate in riverside stone cottages, tranquil pool, lush gardens, and private kitchens. See more photos here!

Tuition Includes:

Cottage Accommodations & Kitchen
Breakfast & Lunch
Education & Workbook


 During the class you will receive:
Prakruti Pulse Assessment — Learn your birth constitution
Face & Tongue Assessment
Hands on learning for body work techniques
Yoga and movement classes
More than 500 pages of user-friendly handouts



$5,200 (single occupancy)

$8,000 - Each save $1,200!

$3,000 deposit


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If you wish to travel with a companion, you both save $1,200.

Each person must register separately and pay the $3,000 deposit to secure this deal

Pay Your Deposits

How to pay your remaining balance: 

Once you have paid your $3000 deposit, you will need to a pay $2200 to complete your registration if traveling solo, and $1000 if traveling with a companion. Please follow the links below to do so: 

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4-Part Learning

Understand. Assess. Track. Remedy.

1.Understand Anatomy & Body Functions, as an empowerment tool

  • Chakras, glands, hormones, organs & the 7 tissues of the body
  • How they all work together as an eco-system, our inner environment.
  • Connecting the dots

2.Assessment Tools:  What we feel & see, holds the keys

  • Pulse, Tongue, Face, Skin layers, Bones, Nerves & Reproductive
  • Gunas-The qualities of all things

3.Tracking Symptomology: what is your body trying to tell you? 

  • Mapping cold, dry, hot, wet and dynamic combinations
  • Symptoms lists per element, dosha, organ, glands and tissues

4. Elementally Designed Remedies: The Plant Kingdom

  • Elemental charts and guidance per section
  • What application of plant medicine is best for what situation?
  • Cordials, tinctures, oils, salt scrubs, capsules, essential oils, teas, hydrosols and more

Free Gifts When You Take The Course

As a part of the Ayurvedic Foundations Course, you also get access to:

Students Unite! every first Friday of the month.
A Clinical & Business Development Round Table


3 FREE Webinars

Eye Care, Dental Care and Weekly Restoration 

(these topics are not covered in class)


These gifts are valued at $457!

Highlights from a day in the life...

  1. Breakfast and tea await you daily
  2. Lunch prepared by local chefs
  3. Take a quick stroll to the waterfall 
  4. Learn Ayurveda while surrounded by the natural elements 
  5. Class ends early at 4 pm...plenty of time to visit a nearby town in Spain (6 km) or Portugal for petiscos/tapas 
  6. Sit poolside and relax after a day full of learning
  7. Listen to the soothing sounds of the stunning river and wildlife 
  8. Take an adventure to nearby Porto, Lisbon, or one of the many beach towns on your three days off 
  9. Nestle into your private room in a beautiful cottage for a restful sleep 

...all while learning Ayurveda!

Daily Schedule: 9 am- 4 pm

Free days: October 8-10


About the Learning Retreat

Are you looking to deepen your understanding of the Elements in order to expand your clinical practice, support your loved ones, or heal your body and mind? 

Join us for an incredible three week journey into Ayurvedic practices and wisdom at the stunning Casas de Azenha in northern Portugal!

Through this experiential and hands-on course you will learn how to be your own health detective and address imbalances as they arise.  DeAnna will equip you with a lifetime of knowledge including a 500 page manual with easy-to-use charts and worksheets so you feel empowered to care for yourself and your community.

This class uplifts and encourages individuality! We would love to have you there, no matter your background or experience.

What You'll Learn

What DeAnna's Students Have Said


Meet the team!

DeAnna Batdorff: Primary Teacher of the course. DeAnna is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, lymphatic specialist and MyBody Educator of over 30 years. Learn more about DeAnna's background and teachers here

Scott Jenkins: Breakfast Chef and DeAnna's partner of 27yrs

Anna Anacleto and Katherine Mesa: Teaching Assistants
Abbey Cmiel: Event Organizer & Logistics , contact: [email protected]