Elemental Health Foundations 

in Sacred Türkiye


April 1-26, 2024

Co-taught by DeAnna and local teachers

A beautiful blend of Turkish culture and Ayurvedic knowledge

  • Herb walks with local herbalists

  • Turkish Cooking Classes

  • Bath House visits to ancient Turkish Hammams 

  • Elemental Theory and Ayurvedic Foundations

4 Pillars of Health 

Understand. Assess. Track. Remedy.

Over 400 pages of graphs, assessment tools, and solutions

1. Understand Anatomy & Body Functions, as an empowerment tool

  • Chakras, glands, hormones, organs & the 7 tissues of the body
  • How they all work together as an eco-system, our inner environment.

2. Assessment Tools: What we feel & see, holds the keys

  • Tongue, Face, Skin layers, Bones, Nerves & Reproductive
  • Gunas - The qualities of all things

3. Tracking Symptomology: what is your body trying to tell you? 

  • Mapping cold, dry, hot, wet and dynamic combinations
  • Symptoms lists per element, dosha, organ, glands and tissues

4. Elementally Designed Remedies: The Plant Kingdom

  • Elemental charts and guidance per section
  • What application of plant medicine is best for what situation?
  • Cordials, tinctures, oils, salt scrubs, capsules, essential oils, teas, hydrosols and more



Stay at Hotel Hali in the heart of Istanbul April 1-5

Enjoy a private Turkish Bath in one of Istanbul's oldest remaining Hamams, | Kilic Ali Pasa Hamam

Turkish Cooking Class with Yasemin of Blue Jasmin Kitchen

Antalya Mountain Region

Stay at Kleo Cottages
April 6-25

Coastal & Ancient cities nearby:
Islamlar, Kalkan, Kas', Xanthos & Fethiye

Antalya Mountains Region Day Trips:

Kaklik Salt Caves
Pumakkale-Cleopatra's Salt Pools
Rose Distillation
Olive Oil Farm

A day in the life...

  1. Wake up in a beautiful cottage in the Antalya Mountains
  2. Breakfast and tea await you daily
  3. Learn Ayurveda surrounded by the natural elements
  4. Lunch prepared by local chefs
  5. Learn from Turkish herbalists and healers, go on an herb walk through the medicinal garden surrounding the cottages, and get hands on practice with techniques like rose distillation and spice blending
  6. Class ends early at 4 pm...plenty of time to relax by the pool or meander through the gardens and surrounding nature
  7. Nestle into your private room for a restful sleep 

Daily Schedule: 9 am - 4 pm

Enjoy 4 days of free time to explore!

Accomodations at Kleo Cottages

Antalya Mountains, Türkiye

Kleo Cottages consists of a group of six completely detached two, three and four-bedroom country cottage-style spacious villas all of which have beautiful views across the mountainside and some out to sea. They are set in a natural garden, to the side of a mountain stream. A large communal swimming pool is nestled in the center of the garden, with private swimming pools and sun terraces and loungers in three cottages. The setting perfectly reflects the relaxed pace of life in the mountains, where your peace is most likely to be disturbed by the ringing bells of a passing goat herd.

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Tuition Includes:

All teachings, accommodations, and transportation

(excluding flights to and from Türkiye)

Breakfast & Lunch

Education & Workbook with more than 400 pages of user-friendly handouts


 During the class you will receive:

Prakruti Pulse Assessment — Learn your birth constitution

Face & Tongue Assessment

Hands on learning for body work techniques

Trips to Kaklik Salt Caves, Pumakkale-Cleopatra's Salt Pools, Olive Oil Farm

Classes in Turkish Cooking, Rose Distillation, and Turkish Herbalism. 


Payment Plan 

$2,400 Deposit + $750/month for 4 months

For a total of $5,400  

All fees are non-refundable

Can be exchanged for any other classes offered in future

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